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Honeymoon Villa , Cameron Highlands, Pahang,  Malaysia

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Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Honeymoon Villa, located just below Sam Poh Temple, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.  Each unit apartment has a sitting lounge, water heater, kitchen & 3 rooms (with bathroom attached).  The apartments are 5 minutes walk from Brinchang Town centre.

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(Rates in Ringgit Malaysia)

Room Category

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(Normal Days)

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(School Holidays)

Long Festive Seasons, Eve of & Public Holidays

3 Bedroom

RM 320.00

RM 400.00

RM 500.00

  • Rates are subject to 10% service charge and 5% e-commerce charge for credit card payments

  • Max occupancy -  8 persons.

  • Full kitchen facilities with gas cooker.

  • Seasons based on Malaysia Holiday calendar.

  • No Lift service.

  • Note: During Festive Seasons - booking only applicable with min of 2 nights stay


About Cameron Highlands

 Being a primarily agricultural domain, you will find an abundance of vegetables and fruits farms here. Also, Cameron Highlands is a leading producer of flowers in Malaysia; be prepared for a lovely sight of extraordinary flowers you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Drive up as high as 1500 metres above sea-level to get here among the peaks of the main range of Peninsular Malaysia and enjoy temperatures as low as 16 ˚C. 

One of the wonders of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village. Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang which is located in the north-western corner of the state. Although it is in Pahang, its two main exits go to Tapah and Ipoh in the state of Perak.

It is made up of 3 main townships at different elevations. The first town from the south is Ringlet, followed by Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampong Raja.

If you're driving via the old road from Tapah, this is the first town you will see when you reach Cameron Highlands. Located at an elevation of 1,200 metres above sea-level, Ringlet is one of the main agricultural hub for the highlands. Bertam Valley which is located about 5km away is one of the main flower and vegetable producers in Cameron highlands. You wont find any hotels here in Ringlet. The nearest hotel is the LakeHouse which is less then 10 minutes away. This is also the place to fill up on fuel if you're low on supply.


Tanah Rata
 Further up is Tanah Rata which is about 20 minutes drive from Ringlet. This is the administrative capital of Cameron Highlands where most of the government offices are located. The general hospital and the district police station is also located here. If you're taking the express buses, this is where the journey would end. Most of the chalets and backpacker's accommodation is located here in and around Tanah Rata. Almost all the jungle trekking and waterfall trails starts from here.


Local tours and transfers out of Cameron Highlands can be obtained from the various tour operators in town. Money changers and internet cafe's can also be found here. Tanah Rata would be a nice place to enjoy the highlands, especially during the weekdays. It is much more quieter compared to Brinchang where most of the big hotels and restaurants are located.


Next is Brinchang which is about 10 minutes drive from Tanah Rata. This is where you will find most of the hotels and restaurants. The night market which is open every Saturday night features all kinds of vegetables, flowers, fruits and other products of the highlands. This place can get really crowded during the weekends and holiday season. Parking can be a headache during this time. Next to Ringlet, this is the other town with petrol stations. Remember to fill up before you leave Cameron Highlands.


Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla & Kampung Raja
Beyond Brinchang, the road leads to all the way to Blue Valley. Most of the tourist spots are located around Kea Farm. This is where you will find the markets, vegetable farms, flower gardens and butterfly gardens. The road also branches out to the Sungai Palas tea plantation from here. If you continue on the main road heading north, it will be downhill from Kea Farm onwards. You will see vegetables farms all the way from here to Tringkap and beyond. Tringkap is a small farming community where you can find small stalls along the road selling local produce. There's also a few restaurants here where tourists have meals before leaving Cameron Highlands via the north. Fifteen minutes away is Kuala Terla, another small farming community. Kampung Raja is the last town on the map. Since the opening of the Simpang Pulai road, this town has become the gateway to the highlands from the north. From here, you can head out of the highlands to Ipoh or Gua Musang in Kelantan.

Each part of Cameron Highlands has its own individual charm and attractions, and together they combine to provide all the ingredients for a memorable holiday, no matter what your interest or what time of the year.

Fruits and vegetables like tomatos, cauliflowers, cabbages, oranges and strawberries grow fresh and healthy in the cool climate and fertile soils of the highlands. You can buy them either at the various markets or the farms which are located throughout the highlands.

Tea Plantations
 No trip to Cameron Highlands would be complete without a rip to the tea plantations. This is one of the main attraction that most people visit in the highlands.
Flower Nurseries
 Cameron Highlands is Malaysia's leading producer of fresh flowers. At the flower gardens and nurseries, be dazzled with the mix of colors and species being grown here.
 After visiting the fruits and vegetable farms, you might want to buy some. The market is a good place to look for everything under one roof.
Strawberry Farms
 Strawberries farms can be found almost everywhere in Cameron Highlands. All offer locally grown strawberries and home made strawberry jams and a very cheap price. Some strawberry farms will let you pluck your own strawberries and charge you according to the weight.
Vegetable Farms
 Fruit and vegetable farms are located throughout the highlands. Most farms allow visitors in and you can also buy the vegetables fresh on-site. Drive up to Tringkap or Kuala Terla to get a roadside view of the larger vegetable farms .
Butterfly Gardens
 Seeing a butterfly in the open is a rare sight these days. Get a change to see these magnificent insects in the two butterfly farms we have here n Cameron Highlands.


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